Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Oh My Goodness! I am truly embarrassed that I have not posted anything on this blog SINCE August 14, 2016! Whoa. What happened?
Well, what had happened was....
I started grad school (thankfully that is over).
My classroom responsibilities changed a bit.
And then my responsibilities changed again.
I got a little lost in the day to day chaos of Title I, ESL, ELA, PST- lots of acronyms. Gees....

But then....
I decided to participate in Elmore County's Level 1Google Certified Educator's Training, and now I'm super excited to get back to my Techie Goals! I also found this super duper teacher blog, Pink Slip Inspiration, to help me transform my classroom yet again and reach my tech goals!

So, this blog is now UNDER CONSTRUCTION

So, check in regularly! I hope to update this blog weekly (and fix my hair color in the banner)!

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